Daniel Shapiro
ADR & Legal Consulting
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
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Daniel Shapiro, Q.C., C. Arb.
Chartered Arbitrator, Mediator and Lawyer

Daniel Shapiro

311 21st Street East
Saskatoon SK S7K 0C1 Canada
tel: 306 244 5656 fax: 306 244 5644

Activities of Note
  • Guest Speaker, Canadian Bar Association (SK), Labour and Administrative Law North, "When Rights Collide - Intersection between Collective Bargaining Rights and Human Rights Law", February, 2005
  • Presenter and Panelist in training session for new adjudicators, Indian Residential Schools Dispute Resolution Process, Regina, November, 2004
  • Panelist and Presenter, Canadian Bar Association, Sask. Branch. Mid-Winter Meeting, Saskatoon, "Consent Issues in Medical Cases", February 7, 2003
  • Guest speaker, Canadian Association of Risk Managers, national conference, Saskatoon - "Demystifying the Legal Process", September 2002
  • Faculty member, guest speaker, panelist at Saskatchewan Trial Lawyers Conference, Saskatoon, "Suing the Pros - The Professional Negligence Action, June, 2002
  • Guest speaker, Canadian Bar Association, Administrative and Labour Law North Section, "View from the Arbitrator's Chair - how to improve the Arbitrator's field of vision", January 29, 2002 [Commentary published in CBA Bar Notes, Spring 2000 issue]
  • Guest speaker, Canadian Bar Association, Young Lawyers North Section, No-fault Auto Insurance, November 2001
  • Presented paper, "The Role of Lawyers under 'No-fault'," Canadian Bar Association, Saskatchewan Branch, Mid-Winter Meeting, Saskatoon, January 28-30, 1999
  • Guest Speaker at C.B.A. (Sask. Branch), Young Lawyers North Section, topic "No-fault Auto Insurance" (December 9, 1999)
  • Guest Speaker at Canadian Bar Association, Saskatchewan Branch, Health Law Section, topic, "The Issue of Informed Consent in Medical Negligence Litigation" (February 5, 1997)
  • Saskatchewan Legal Education Society Inc. Seminar on Understanding the Personal Injury Benefits Plan: Effects of "No Fault" on Your Practice, paper presented: "Application of the 'Personal Injury Protection' Plan and the Remaining Common Law Tort Claims", Saskatoon (March 17, 1995)
  • Saskatchewan Trial Lawyers Association, Spring Seminar, on Effective Advocacy: Winning Your Case, paper presented: "Civil Pre-Trial Motions, Notices for Trial", Saskatoon (March 4 & 5, 1994)
  • Sessional Lecturer at College of Law, University of Saskatchewan (Trial Advocacy) (1988, 1989, 1992 and 1993)
  • Guest Speaker at Canadian Bar Association, Saskatchewan Branch, Young Lawyers (North) Section, Topic: "Conduct of a Personal Injury Action", Saskatoon (December 12, 1991)
  • Status to Sue Under The Fatal Accidents Act?" (August, 1991 issue), "Public Interest Intervention: Is Saskatchewan Poised to Catch Up to Everyone Else?" (February, 1992 issue), "The Ontario No-Fault Experience" and "The American No-Fault Experience" (February, 1993 issue)
  • Saskatchewan Trial Lawyers Association publication "The Advocate", papers presented: "Peer Review: Issues of Discovery", Vol. II, Issue III, "Task Force Reviews Liability & Compensation Issues in Health Care", Vol. III, Issue III, "Rigid Interpretation of Limitation Periods Alive and Well" and "In Search of Roots" (June, 1990 issue), "Common Law Spouses
  • Faculty Member, Conference Committee member and Guest Speaker at Saskatchewan Trial Lawyers Association Conference on Computer-Assisted Litigation, co-presented with Mr. Henry Kloppenburg on "Using Computers to Evaluate Structured Settlements: Decision-Making with Computers (Settle or Litigate)" (March 30 & 31, 1990)
  • Guest Speaker at joint meeting of Canadian Bar Association, Saskatchewan Branch, Civil Litigation (Northern) Section and Health Law (Northern) Section, Topic: "Tips in Preparing for and Conducting Cross Examination of Experts", Saskatoon (February 15, 1990)
  • Guest Lecturer for Public Legal Education Association on numerous occasions on a wide range of topics since 1979, as well as participating in a televised Public Legal Education Telecable 10 Program on "Personal Injury Claims" and guest on the Roy Norris Open Line Show, Topic: "Medical Malpractice" (January 17, 1990)
  • Guest Lecturer at College of Family Physicians of Canada, Family Medicine Residence Seminar entitled, "How to Avoid Litigation: A Legal Perspective", Saskatoon City Hospital Auditorium (January 16, 1990)
  • Faculty member and panellist at 31st Annual Scientific Assembly of The College of Family Physicians of Canada, along with Dr. John Alexander, Plains Health Centre, Regina and Dr. Stewart B. Lee, Secretary-Treasurer, Canadian Medical Protection Association, Ottawa; Saskatoon (May 16, 1989)
  • Conference Committee, Saskatchewan Trial Lawyer's Association, "Charter Conference: Criminal and Civil", Saskatoon (April 21 & 22, 1989)
  • Guest Lecturer at the Saskatchewan Union of Nurses Labour School, re: Medical Negligence, Fort Qu'Appelle (June, 1987), Waskesiu (May, 1988) and Regina and Saskatoon (February, 1989); Presented paper: "Profile of a Medical Negligence Action"
  • Presentation at Canadian Bar Association, Saskatchewan Branch, Mid-Winter Meeting, re: Settlement Pre-Trial Conferences; Paper: "Pre-Trial Settlement Conferences: Pandemonium or Panacea" (February, 1989)
  • Sessional Lecturer at College of Law, University of Saskatchewan (Trial Advocacy) (Winter session, 1988, 1989, 1992 and 1993)
  • Participated in the College of Medicine Dean's Lecture Series Debate with Dr. H. Emson, re: "The Deterrent Component of Medical Negligence Litigation" (October 20 - 23, 1988)
  • Presentation at Interphase Saskatchewan Conference, re:"Medical-Legal Aspects of Emergency Care", Saskatoon (October, 1988)
  • Participated in Debate before Council of the Canadian Bar Association, Saskatchewan Branch, with Dr. Dennis Kendel, Registrar of Saskatchewan College of Physicians and Surgeons, re: "Privilege and Peer Review" (March, 1988)
  • Presentation at Canadian Bar Association, Saskatchewan Branch, Mid-Winter Meeting, re: Medical Negligence; Paper: "Anatomy of a Medical Malpractice Action; Practical Pre-Trial Considerations from the Plaintiff's Perspective" (February, 1987)
  • Presentation at Saskatchewan Trial Lawyers Association, Spring Seminar, on Medical Negligence, Paper: "Medical Malpractice Actions: Gathering the Evidence", Saskatoon (April, 1986)
  • Guest Speaker at First-Year Banquet for University of Saskatchewan, College of Law (1979)

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